Posté le 11  oCTOBRE  2021
En route pour Pollutec !
Aujourd'hui, Beoga quitte le Bic de Montpellier pour prendre la route en direction de Lyon et rejoindre le salon Pollutec !
Sur le départ : Amaury Pachurka, Tristan Pateloup et Valentin Lechat qui vont présenter Smart Lou Quila et faire une annonce au sujet de Beoga Jeudi à 11h, on à hâte !
Posted on 1 October  2021
Beoga at the new world forum 
Today, Beoga was at the New World Forum held at the Corum in Montpellier.
A Forum on the environmental and societal during which she was able to exchange during the debate on renewable energy and territories.
A very active debate animated by important actors of the energy transition such as: the Mayor of Orange: Louis Driey, the Director of Enedis Languedoc-Roussillon: Dominique Charzat or the climatologist and former vice-president of the IPCC: Jean Jouzel.
A summit meeting on this national and international issue. 
Posted on september 23, 2021
Progress Meeting Beoga 
It's a great moment of exchange and share during which all Beoga team gathered yesterday at the BIC of Montpellier for its Progress Meeting.
Au programme, la présentation des nouveaux à avoir rejoint Beoga, des interventions schématisées pour considérer l'évolution des communautés énergétiques et une fresque du climat.
An experience really interesting.
Posted on september 21, 2021
Beoga participate to ENERGY TIME 

This year Beoga is joining the Energy Time forum which start on 30 September 2021 in Paris to present its project: Smart Lou Quila.

Energy Time is the energy event of the year. it gathers Energy Managers, purchase and CSR for companies and local authorities. 

The seminar programme, informon products and networking opportunities are invaluable to an energy manager seeking to advance its energy reduction strategies


It's an experience that is worthwhile !

Posted on september 08, 2021

 Find Beoga in the news of Montpellier Métropole en Commun! 

You can also find us very soon at the Pollutec meeting in Lyon. 

Thank to Montpellier Métropole Méditerrannée for this article which sums up well the conception of our energy community with which on the one hand : the objective of using a more local energy and, on the other hand : the will to unite several users around this same energy in a community in order to distribute it within the group. 


Posted on september 07, 2021 2021

Pollutec is the reference meeting for environmental professionals.

On the cutting edge of technology: it is one of the largest promoters of environmental solutions dedicated to industry and territories with a range of important opportunities for market innovations and their national and international development.


As you can see, this is an annual event you can't missed!

Posted on July 27, 2021
Mariam joins Beoga

Mariam a rejoint Beoga il y a quelques semaines en tant que doctorante dans le cadre d'une thèse CIFRE en collaboration avec le LIRMM de Montpellier. Elle travaillera notamment sur les potentiels impacts des communautés énergétiques et de l'autoconsommation collective sur le réseau.

Posted on July 16, 2021 2021
Bpifrance the Hub and France Digitale reveal the 1st Mapping of French startups with impact

Beoga is proud to be referenced in the Energy / Optimisation Solution category and to contribute to the development of the French #TechForGood...

Posted on July 09, 2021 2021
Pilot community discovery day for the Beoga team!

On July 06, 2021 took place the #BeogaDay. During this day, all the members of our team had the opportunity to discover or rediscover the facilities of our pilot community Smart Lou Quila.

Posted on July 04, 2021
Montpellier Capital Risque, the meeting place for innovation actors.

La Session de rencontre avec de potentiels futurs investisseurs. Seront-ils prêts à participer à l'accélération de la transformation énergétique ? Prendront-ils part à la révolution qui arrive sur le marché de l'énergie et de la mobilité ?...

Posted on june 22, 2021
Beoga & Libow launched their first common offer of photovoltaic installation in auto collective consommation

Beoga offers an innovative solution for collective self-consumption energy communities to promote the deployment of renewable energy at a lower cost. Créée en octobre 2019, elle déploie un écosystème à destination des communautés énergétiques comprenant une offre d’accompagnement....

Posted on June 16, 2021
Beoga joins Vivatech

Vivatech est le plus grand rendez-vous européen pour les start-up et les tech en général. Du 16 au 19 juin se tiendra cet événement à Paris, un tremplin pour de nombreuses entreprises qui innovent pour le bien commun. Ce rendez-vous est immanquable...

Posted on april 01, 2021
"Short circuit energy becomes possible"

A report on our pilot community, with testimonials from some members.

Thanks to Objectif Gard

Posted on march 26, 2021
Beoga & Chameleon collaborate 

Chameleon Technology has collaborated with Beoga to provide a real-time electricity data access solution, which will enable the Beoga ecosystem managing the energy community to optimise energy production, equipment, storage and exchange of energy for the benefit of users, the community, the grid and the environment.

Posted on march 15, 2021
Beoga launched its first energy community 

Beoga launches its first collective self-consumption energy community. Equipped with its own ecosystem which enabling to resource management - production, consumption, but also storage and V2X vehicles - it is located in the Gard region.

L'écosystème Beoga intègre la mobilité et pousse de nouveaux concepts tels que le V2C (Vehicle-to-Community) ou la communauté de mobilité.

Beoga has also developed a network of partners to carry out its mission: accelerating the ecological transition 

Posted on march 08, 2021
Rose joins Beoga 

A few days ago, Rose joins the Beoga team in order to help us in the operational and administratives areas.

Welcome Rose Fagbemissi

Posted on march 01, 2021
Sarah joins Beoga 

Sarah has joined the Beoga team as part of her end-of-study engineering internship in the field of electrical engineering. She will be mentored by Zahia Gariti our electrical engineer.

Welcome Sarah Guemidi !

Posted on march 01, 2021
Tristan Joins Beoga 

Tristan joined the Beoga team to strengthen our ability to carry out our missions and our skills in the areas in which he is an expert: IoT, development and management 

Welcome Tristan !

Posted on december 01, 2020
Installation for the first member of our community  

December 1st is an important day in the realisation of our project. Our partner, Libow, has started the installation at the first member of our pilot energy community.

The aim is to deploy all the equipment of our demonstrator before the end of the year.

Posted on november 16, 2020
Master CMOS  

Two groups of students from the CMOS Master's programme at the University of Montpellier have decided to accompany us for a few months as part of their teaching project.

A collaboration that will be beneficial in the areas of strategic management and will bring us up to date on certain subjects!

Posted on october 13, 2020
Beoga joins CleanTech booster  

In the wake of our Greentech Innovation label, Beoga, after being selected a few weeks ago, has just joined the CleanTech Booster season 2 for a 10-month acceleration programme.

The official presentation took place yesterday with the presence of Mrs Nadia Pellefigue, Vice-President of the Region, and Mr Antony Cellier, MP.

This programme will strengthen our links with some of our partners, but also create new ones, for more interaction, creativity and innovation.

Posted on october 06, 2020
Beoga joins Greentech innovation  

Suite à l'annonce de Madame la Ministre de la transition écologique Barbara Pompili, accompagne,ée du secrétaire d'état chargé du numérique Cédric O, Beoga rejoint la communauté GREENTECH INNOVATION en obtenant le label du Ministère de la Transition écologique.

Ce label atteste que notre projet est innovant, à fort potentiel de croissance, et contribue à accélérer la mise en oeuvre des politiques publiques de Transition écologique.

This is a great recognition of our progress, but also access to new support tools to support our research and development programme. Congratulations to our co-labellers

Posted on september 15, 2020
Gregory joins Beoga 

Gregory joins us in order to consolider the team

He will focus on the user experience, and will ensure a part of the digital communication.

Beoga will accompany Gregory during his apprenticeship year at Groupe Alternance Montpellier. 

Posted on september 15, 2020

Alyssa Diva Mustika a rejoint notre équipe en tant qu'ingénieure R&D à mi-temps.

She will work on our mathematical simulation tools. Thereafter, she should take an even more important part in our R&D by integrating a thesis led in partnership with a research laboratory.

Posted on september 03, 2020
Beoga mentionned in the news of the IOT industries. 

How is Beoga perceived by the IoT industry? "Beoga's vision is particularly inspiring. They see a world where smart meters, data and market forces will all contribute to bringing greener, cheaper energy to the world."

Posted on september 02, 2020
HACKATHON ENERGIATECH / september 10,11 2020 

Beoga will participate to the Energia Tech hackathon in Montpellier. Our team, composed of Zahia, Sylvia and Nathan, will be working on improving our user experience to make it as attractive and appropriate as possible.

Posted on August 01, 2020
BSA AIR Fundraising campaign 

In order to finance the deployment of its full-scale demonstrator, Beoga has launched an initial financial campaign via a BSA AIR programme.

Take part to our innovative adventure !

Posted on July 03, 2020

Après Créalia, le bic de Montpellier, l'incubateur Ionis 361 ou la Region Occitane, BPI France apporte son soutien a Beoga en lui attribuant une bourse French Tech.


Posted on July 03, 2020
Beoga Labelled by DERBI

The DERBi Cluster, a reference in the field of renewable energies, has approved the demonstrator project led by Beoga. An important step in the recognition of our work and our vision


Posted on december 11, 2019

Thanks to its innovative approach, Beoga was awarded the 2nd prize at the Energaia Trophy in Montpellier.


Posted on July 03, 2020
BEOGA wins its first prize, Beoga's pre-project won the first prize at the Goal Machester start-up challenge. The start-up challenge took place in Singapore over a few days.



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