Beoga, First creator and operator of smart energetic communities.

Beoga means « agile » in Gaelic. Agile, is what we are, not by passing fad but because be actor for change demands a constant innovation in order to adapt towards the majors issues of our generation. To meet to the growing demand in local renewables energies, traceable and cheaper Beoga had by consequence developed an ecosystem with an augmented collective intelligence.

October 2020 Beoga was awarded the label « Greentech Innovation » by the minister of ecological transition.
May 2020 « Smart Lou Quila » have been labeled by the competitiveness cluster Derbi
Déc. 2019 Beoga was awarded the 2nd prize to trophies ENERGAIA for its innovative approach in Montpellier.
Nov. 2018 RETC.IO (Beoga pre-project) win the Goal Manchester 2018 start-up grand challenge in Singapour.

Our mission :

Initiate and support the energy revolution.

Since our creation, we stand for a reason that we exist for by registering us with an objective to promote a new sharing economy ethical and responsible. 

We think that the world of tomorrow can be make without new energy models, this is why our aim is to create them. 

Nous sommes convaincus que nous sommes plus forts ensemble et que les communautés sont la base de notre société. Beoga valorise cette force pour amorcer de profonds changements et rendre l’énergie accessible à tous. 

Nous avons à coeur de bâtir une économie vertueuse en rendant l’autoconsommation collective accessible, simple et performante.

Our projects

Vehicle to community to community

L’innovation énergétique au plus près de nos quotidiens est au coeur de notre ADN, c’est pourquoi Beoga accompagne les nouveaux usages avec de nouvelles idées. Ainsi, l’émergence des véhicules électriques a généré de nouveaux défis : rendre l’énergie portable et échangeable sans avoir besoin de lourdes infrastructures. Pour y répondre, nous avons développé Vehicle to Community, le premier système de gestion de borne bi-directionnelle permettant de charger et décharger les véhicules électriques à la demande, afin de transférer l’énergie là où elle est nécessaire.

Smart Lou Quila

Notre communauté pilote révolutionne les usages de consommation d’énergie et de mobilité avec son modèle unique en France, basé sur la mutualisation d’installations innovantes et l’échange de la production. Des panneaux photovoltaïques, pas moins de trois batteries de stockage stationnaires et une borne Vehicle to Community sont installés chez les différents membres de la communauté, assurant à chacun un égal accès à l’énergie en diminuant les coûts d’équipement. 

Concrètement ?

La maison de la famille Ampère est équipée de panneaux solaires, quand celle de la famille Faraday est équipée d’une batterie de stockage et celle de la famille Volt du système Vehicle to Community.

If Ampere’s family go on vacation, the produced energy is stored at the Faraday family’s in for be redistributed when it is necessary. 

If the Faradays work during the day, the energy they have stored benefits the Amperes and Volts in their homes. 

Mrs Faraday charges her electric car thanks to the Volt family's terminal, while Mr Ampere, who will not be using his vehicle for a few days, feeds the energy from his vehicle back at the same terminal into the community in order to power the other electrical installations.

A circular model more sober, more clever and more efficient, which is at the heart of the ecological transition by establishing a virtuous energy cycle.

Management & Executive
Amaury pACHurka

CEO and operational manager

Amaury is the founder of the Beoga project, and his leitmotif has always been to apply engineering to environmental protection in order to achieve sustainable development. With a career in the environmental services sector, he has nearly 15 years of experience within the Veolia group and various structures in France, The South Pacific and Asia


Chief Data Scientist

With four successful technology start-ups launched in Asia and 16 years of experience in digital and cloud technologies, Steve Chandswang brings to Beoga his expertise in innovation management, technology development coordination and data processing. 

Tristan Pateloup

Head of product engineering and development.

Tristan has been an expert in embedded software and telecom for 15 years, and has solid experience in managing teams in the development and deployment of connected objects combined with SaaS solutions. He joined the Beoga adventure to contribute to the development of a start-up that gives meaning to our common future.

Garteh dooley

Co-founder partner, in charge of commercial strategy

Gareth brings to Beoga a strategic vision honed over a career as a business developer and marketing expert in Asia. He has nearly 13 years of operational experience in the international oil industry and several years as a consultant in the energy sector (Quantium Consulting).

Nicolas rey

Financial manager

A leader of all of Beoga's financial activities, he has experience as CFO and Financial Director for several groups (Digit RE, Bastide, Verifone) as well as a Grandes Ecoles education, majoring in finance at Grenoble Ecole de Management.


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